Although I never really had anything against Astrology in the past (yet eventually was convinced that Astrology could be true in some way), after reading just one line in a book I bought (The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need), I instantly became utterly convinced that Astrology is credible…

"Taureans often have a semi-permanent ‘crick’ in their neck…", which is completely true, because I do. Aside from that, it mentioned that Taureans suffer from stiff necks… Which I do. All the health problems described in the book fits my condition perfectly, and none of the stuff was ever something I had read in the past. Aside from that, no other signs have a tendency to develop those kinds of neck problems, and the "crick" problem was never mentioned anywhere else either.

After that I was immediately [more] convinced that there really is a spiritual side to us.