Quick Coding: dealing with quirks in Sinatra + Thin + Windows 8.1 (part 2) — Hacking runner.rb

It seems that the option for -C is set to not be available if you’re under Windows. Ultimately, I ended up creating a quick hack, realizing that if you execute:

Then, thin will write a default configuration file with a bunch of options which are only available under Linux, like daemonize: true. having daemonize set to true in a config.yaml file while under Windows will result in an error raised by Ruby (no daemonizing supported).

It’s simple enough after changing runner.rb around, to allow -C to be used in the context of starting a server.

runner.rb is in: C:\Programming\Ruby200-x64\lib\ruby\gems\2.0.0\gems\thin-1.6.2\lib\thin

On line 99-ish, make a simple edit, moving the entire line:

out of the “unless Thin.win?” statement; the resulting code looks like this:

Now you can perform command line arguments with statements such as:

if you generate a config.yml file first with:

be sure to set:

In your config.yml file–or remove it altogether.

I’m assuming the developer was thinking that nobody would be using thin on Windows, god forbid.


In the documentation of thin’s basic usage (http://code.macournoyer.com/thin/usage/), you can use thin -C config.yml to deal with configuring a thin server.




This has puzzled me for centuries; I guess the lesson learnt is that software development on Windows is not always the greatest thing.

TODO: monkey patch runner.rb

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