Dreamsigns #3

Grah! Finals begin next week, and I’m still hoping I’ll stay with the planned Monday and Thursday schedule… But anyhow. Lloyd doesn’t care all that much about his dreams and dreaming in general. Stemming from his rebellious attitude, he usually forms his own opinions that contradict others’.

Ultimately, this was a real eye opener for Lloyd, making him as least consider the idea that there may be more to sleeping than, well, sleeping. As a side note, Lloyd is the gray wolf in the last two panels, and the dragon, well… I don’t want to give much more away; I’m hoping everything will become at least somewhat interesting later.


Finally decided to push myself and start working on my comic. It’s now hosted at drunkduck (http://www.drunkduck.com/Dreamsigns/) because that seems like a decent community that I can get at least /some/ publicity from, but just in general I like how everything’s laid out, and gets to the point (unlike comicgenesis)