Perl being a jerk, again

A couple days ago, I reformatted my computer, realizing that 64-bits is too cool for me. Well, that, and Windows x64 sucks.

I manage to get everything to work, and then I try to re-install Perl and Apache. Apparently that didn’t work as well as I wanted it to. Although I got everything to work, CGI’s fucking acting up like it usually DOESN’T, and I found out that I have to shabang it explicitly (#!c:/Perl/bin/perl.exe instead of #!perl). That works and surprisingly Mason does TOO, but CGI-Session DOESN’T. It doesn’t write anything to the session files that I tell it to, except for starting the session up itself. So I frustratingly uninstall it and hope that when I try again later it will work.

I thought that switching back was funny. Ohh yeah, switching’s soo funny, till you fail. I need a handbanana in my life to rape the newer version of Perl or something-or-other, so that everything will work for once.