Once in a Silvermoon – #15

OiaS #15 can be seen at: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/213799/ in case anyone’s interested.

My website (kejento.com) is going to be offline for a while… At least until I can get my computer at home working again.

Well, gotta sleep–dead tired… Been keeping awake all day using caffeine; now I’m paying the price…

Once in a Silvermoon – #12

 12th comic in the series. They’re about to embark on a roadtrip… hehe.


Sidenote: Going to start paying more attention to proportions after this (start using heads and everything), although one can argue that Shadow’s taller than he seems; his feet go off the panel and the angle’s a little awkward.

Once in a SIlvermoon – #11

Well, after a lot of planning out and drawing, I came up with this: http://kejento.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=299 or http://www.kejento.com/OiaS/?11

Yeah, you can probably see where this is going now… It isn’t going to just be a romance comic anymore >>, but at least I’m getting back into drawing again.