Fetus Souls+ Every website I’ve come across will only talk about souls and spirits upto and downto a certain level. What happens though, when we figure out what the lowest soul level is? There are infant souls, which many websites define as the lowest of the low (murderers, etc). Perhaps, they are indeed on a …

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$accumulator=0 #words=IO.readlines(“numerology_chase.txt”) words=open(“domogenagon2.png”,&:read).split(“”) #File.open(“numerology_chase.txt”).each_line do |line| for i in words $accumulator += i.to_i end accumulator_data = $accumulator.to_s numerology=accumulator_data.split(“”) $i=0 for i in numerology $i+=i.to_i end puts “And the number is: #{$i}”  

Posted on: February 25, 2014
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