Changing mouse sensitivity in Nightly/Firefox

The latest Nightly update, v39.0a1 seemed to bump up the mouse sensitivity a great deal, but there’s a way to fix that.

  1. In the address bar, goto about:config
  2. Search for mousewheel.default.delta_multiplier, and you’ll see 3 settings, one for the x, y, and z axis
  3. I went ahead and changed all 3 settings to 30 instead of 100; problem solved.


Update: Apparently that was some kind of strange bug; the next Nightly update reverted/fixed scrolling.

Implementing linux/unix’s “touch” command on windows.

Purpose of the touch command: create a new file or ‘touch’ some file to update its timestamp; naturally, touching a file that isn’t there will create a new file with a current time and date timestamp.

The binary file is included at the end of this post. However, if you want to “compile” this on your own, you’ll need:

  1. Ruby 1.9.3 (
  2. Ruby 1.9.3 devkit ( — follow the directions at to add the devkit, just in case.
  3. The ocra rubygem (in command prompt [cmd.exe] — type “gem install ocra” without the quotes

Then, with the source code saved as something like touch.rb, do:

You’ll then have touch.exe, which you can place in your C:/windows/system32 folder or /path_to_ruby/bin/ folder, and can use it as so:

Touch.zipSource code and binary.


helpers and extensions for Sinatra

These are some quick notes (mostly for self-reference) on how to implement helpers and extensions in Sinatra (for extensions, the links to sinatra’s website are below). So, helpers straight from the book “Sinatra: Up and Running (pg. 75+)“.



Starting out with a basic skeleton for an ApplicationController:

But where’s title coming from? the Application helper in the full path of views:

now, in views/layouts.erb:

That sets the default layout for any part of your app.

As a side note: in the book I’m excerpting this from (Sinatra: Up and Running), the author made what, ostensibly is a mistake…

Probably NOT a mistake, though, considering the structure of Ruby; I can only speculate why a class instance variable such as @title would be translated into “title” as with that piece of erubis code. The solution that should be the real way things work (and also reduces confusion) is:

For registering an extension, I’ll just leave these here as links: <– details for registering an extension <– for backup/offline purposes

Moving on… Now we need a controller that that will get a page

And now for a view which corresponds to ‘erb :example’.

In views/example.erb:

How to run it? siiiigh, need for this setup:

That about does wraps things up. left out not_found, so, todo: add not_found.

to start up sinatra you can do something like

thin -C configure.yml <– generates a default configuration file, but if you’re on windows -C won’t work (see previous post)


You may want to have a separate config-*.yml file for production and development.

Channeling and the New Earth (part 1)

Since 2011 and December 21, 2014, it’s understood by many that we are already in the 5th dimension. But then, where’s the feelings of unconditional love? Essentially, the true essence of unconditional love is something that is only fully understood in the higher realms; this 3rd dimensional holographic reality is far too rigid for it’s own good.

So, what dimension are we in anyways? For me, it varies. Sometimes I feel very good and feel very 5th dimensional at least, and other times I feel like there is too much to do in this illusive reality, so I shift up and down the 3rd/4th and 5th dimension, sometimes receiving 6th dimensional sacred geometry symbols.

We are multi-dimensional beings living in a 3rd dimensional un-reality where the flow of time is the 4th dimension which we also reside in with the true 5th dimension just around the corner.


There is speculation all over the internet that we’re already on new new earth (What do you mean the 3rd dimension is going away?), and all the current events going on on this planet have to do with a change of vibration; a transmutation. Which reality are you going to expose yourself to? The constant wars that are always talked about by the talking heads on pretty much any news channel? No, I’m not saying to be willfully ignorant, it’s just that we are all connected and if you watch the media you’re feeding their agenda of instilling fear and hatred into our hearts. Is there even good news on television anymore? Not really. It’s the same old thing, the status quo if you will. Talk on the news like everything’s going according to plan, but is it really, at least for those who understand that fear is a “false encounter appearing real”.

There are other alternative news outlets out there which relay news that’s more important than whatever is on the media for the masses. Use discernment either way.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to channel correct information as well, because there are entities out there who will more than willingly open a channel with you, identifying as maybe an ascended master or an archangel, so always use discernment when making an attempt at opening a channel with another entity. You would much prefer talking to your higher self, which is not channeling, but simply an aspect of you,  understanding your needs and who you are because they ARE you, yet it’s also something along the lines of your higher self being functionally independent from you. This is a strange concept which is very mind-boggling, and yet, it proves that we are much more than we believe ourselves to be. I’ve studied what it is like to become severely disconnected from your higher self, and it is not pretty. When I lost my spirituality for 3 years, I had become stagnant in the sense that it seems like no progress was being made on my part; one step forward and two steps back.

Channeling with an unknown entity could lead to said entity asking you to do something in order to attain something else; trust me on this one, I have been tricked many times and have fallen into most likely more than one dark night of the soul for believing the information they spit out, so use discernment while channeling and try to identify what thoughtforms the entity is putting out. Is it filled with love, which leads to your body tingling, or do you begin to get bad vibes–feelings which are not necessarily yours.

These so-called entities are not necessarily connected to The Source of all that is, and have to receive their energy from the fear of others.

If you decide to open a channel, make sure that you’re at least connected to your higher self.



The way I do it is through a simple notation of symbols I have come up with, which has energy stored in them. This assists my subconscious and allows my higher self to understand exactly when I want to open a channel and with whom in particular. If you’re successful in opening a channel, then start out with a question then wait for a while. What does the answer feel like to you? This is using your intiution in something I like to call “intuition-based telepathy”. Sometimes I receive symbols that I don’t know what to do with, but otherwise I consistently talk to my higher self, and try to assume that what I end up thinking in my head is my higher self’s response, and while this is not channeling to me, the same concept applies to channeling. But what is the general step-by-step process in opening a channeling anyways? Pictures. In your mind’s eye, visualize a picture of what this entity would look like. Perhaps it’s a piece of digital art or a painting. This jumpstarts your subconscious, which your higher self then connects to given that you’re not separated from that aspect of yourself; we are multi-dimensional beings after all.

Channeling Process


Suppose you want to talk with an archangel. What does this archangel look like? Once you get a feel of what they look like, the channeling process can begin.

  1. Connect with your higher self and make absolutely certain that it remains that way
    1. Have a picture in your mind’s eye of what you want your higher self to look like.
  2. Ask your higher self that you would like to create a telepathic connection with this entity in question, and yes, your higher self may disagree with you and suggest that you do not channel at this time; take their word for it.
    1. If your higher self says nothing at all, you may be contemplating whether or not it’d be a good idea to open a channel in the first place. OR you’re not connected to your higher self; channeling in this fashion has a steep learning curve, as does everything else
    2. If your higher self returns a yes answer, they may begin talking to you for a while; listen. Your higher self may be very quiet and send you animated images and symbols. If you can understand them well enough, draw them out; there is positive energy attached to the images which are put out.
  3. Visualize yourself creating a connection with this entity, as a white cord connecting from you to them
  4. They may begin to send you images or try to talk to you. Either way, it’s downloading information
  5. To respond, think of what you want to say, then visualize the entity in your mind’s eye.
    1. You may feel like certain thoughts in your head don’t belong to you. Sometimes you have to think it out and sometimes the thoughts which are responses flow naturally
    2. This can go on for a while.
  6. To close the channel, put the intention into closing it. That is, tell the entity that you are going to close the channel, then visualize that cord still being attached if you want to channel at another time, yet not lit. If that doesn’t work, then disconnect it completely
    1. Caveats: Yes, this requires an intense amount of information and the understanding of your own emotions–this is the hardest part.

Sidenote: I have come up with a notation which allows you to bounce off a question which will either return a yes/no answer with The Source and/or your Higher Self. I will add this later today


Image sources:

Notes: Accessing a class method from within an instance method in Ruby 2.0 calls the main AOH class’s save method, so it’s only defined once in my code. Just some quick notes to remember for later as I create a tiny little wiki with a single database file.

Useful links/things for Sinatra + MongoDB (rubygem: mongoid) [WIP]

Having trouble managing links since I multi-task far too much, so, I’ll dump all the links here that may help others (riiiiiight)…

Querying The MongoDB (cheat sheet)


This is just for the ‘mongo’ rubygem. I’m going for ‘mongoid’ since it seems easier


Default layouts in Sinatra (except from a stackxchange post)

Automatic Wrapping

To make every view default to be wrapped in a layout, create a file in erb/layout.erb and your calls to erb :myview will automatically be wrapped in this layout.

Skipping the Layout

If you want a particular view rendering not to use the layout, use:


Using a Different Layout

If you want to use a layout other than the common layout, create another file (for example views/admin_layout.haml) and then pass this as an option: