These are some quick notes (mostly for self-reference) on how to implement helpers and extensions in Sinatra (for extensions, the links to sinatra’s website are below). So, helpers straight from the book “Sinatra: Up and Running (pg. 75+)“.     Starting out with a basic skeleton for an ApplicationController:

But where’s title coming from? the …

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Since 2011 and December 21, 2014, it’s understood by many that we are already in the 5th dimension. But then, where’s the feelings of unconditional love? Essentially, the true essence of unconditional love is something that is only fully understood in the higher realms; this 3rd dimensional holographic reality is far too rigid for it’s own good. So, …

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Today I managed to get some programming finished on a little mini-wiki I’ve been planning out. In the form of wikidpad, I want to be able to have some [name] where [name] links to some other content. Effectively, I’m still trying to decide between a MySQL, PostgreSQL, or a NoSQL database. But since it’ll mostly …

Read more » calls the main AOH class’s save method, so it’s only defined once in my code. Just some quick notes to remember for later as I create a tiny little wiki with a single database file.

Having trouble managing links since I multi-task far too much, so, I’ll dump all the links here that may help others (riiiiiight)… Querying The MongoDB (cheat sheet) This is just for the ‘mongo’ rubygem. I’m going for ‘mongoid’ since it seems easier

Posted on: September 24, 2014
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Automatic Wrapping To make every view default to be wrapped in a layout, create a file in erb/layout.erb and your calls to erb :myview will automatically be wrapped in this layout. Skipping the Layout If you want a particular view rendering not to use the layout, use:

  Using a Different Layout If you want to …

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It seems that the option for -C is set to not be available if you’re under Windows. Ultimately, I ended up creating a quick hack, realizing that if you execute:

Then, thin will write a default configuration file with a bunch of options which are only available under Linux, like daemonize: true. having daemonize …

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